Patient Monitor Price

Patient Monitor Price

The patient monitors price list is different depending on their sensitivity level and the number of modules that they measure. Additionally, continuous market changes impact the prices of these devices. Soon, our website will offer up-to-date patient monitor price list. Contact us to obtain the price list for vital signs monitors.


Patient Monitor Price




Qty < 10 pcs ($)

10 pcs < Qty < 25 pcs ($)

Qty > 25 pcs ($)





342 $

310 $

290 $

8 inch Patient monitor




413 $

380 $

350 $

12 inch patient monitor




488 $

460 $

430 $

12 inch patient monitor with touch screen




450 $

430 $

400 $

12 inch patient monitor with built in printer




870 $

850 $

820 $

15 inch Patient Monitor with touch screen




525 $

500 $

470 $

15 inch Patient Monitor

All prices are FOB/FCA based



Patient Monitor Inquiry

Any patient monitor inquiry is promptly addressed by our team . We pride ourselves on our expertise in assisting customers with selecting the most suitable patient monitor for their specific requirements. Whether you have any patient monitor inquiry about the features or technical specifications of our monitors, our knowledgeable staff is here to provide detailed information and guidance, we are committed to ensuring that our customers receive the support they need.

Patient Monitor Sales

Patient monitor sales includes a diverse range of devices available in the medical equipment market, with unique features and capabilities. When considering the purchase of these monitors, attention to details is crucial to ensure the device meets specific requirements. Factors such as the quality of the display screen and certifications like FDA and CE are important considerations. Additionally, the usability for various patient, pricing, warranty, and after-sales services plays key roles in the decision-making process. Other considerations include the variety of available modules, portability, alert systems, probe types, and compatibility with hospital monitoring systems. Our patient monitor sales team is always here to help you make the best choice.